Elaine Slater

Synopsis: Marny is not overjoyed at being set up with Don on a blind date, even if he does own a condo in Florida. She hasn’t dated in over fifty years and now that she is a widow, the prospect is intimidating – all the more so when she meets Don’s closest friend, Hank, who suspects her of having her eye on that condo and makes no bones about it. Try as she may, Marny cannot disabuse this irritating and irritable man of his misconception concerning her motives, and she wonders why she even cares. But she does care.

The population of the Western world is characterized today by a huge and ever growing cohort 60 years and older. In fact, there are more than 22 million women over 65 in the U.S. alone, with a staggering three times as many people over 65 as under 35.

"Into Another Bed" is a story written for those millions of men and women now approaching their seventh decade or beyond who wonder if love can be found again at their age.


Into Another Bed (2011)

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"...When the doorbell rang, she froze. Why was she doing this? It had been a crazy idea. She was fine the way she was – lonely perhaps, often sad, but what was she getting herself into at this stage of her life? She should go to the door and say she had changed her mind, or that she was feeling ill.

Once before she had allowed herself to go for a coffee with a stranger – a stop at Starbucks. But it had led nowhere. Anyway, men her age sought younger women. Marny had felt a rueful acceptance that no man was going to call her for a date any longer. But now her doorbell was ringing and a man was standing impatiently, perhaps even nervously, on the other side of the door..."

The Black Panther(Unpublished) is a thriller, wrapped in an enigma. 

What does a bio terrorist plot have to do with a murder twenty years ago, or a young woman's search for her biological parents?

Excerpt from Prologue:

"It seems like another world now. Time passes so quickly. Who would have ever imagined that the Cold War might seem like a more innocent time? Where once there was the shadowy world of the KGB and the evil empire, today there are suicide bombers and terrorists who stop at nothing and cannot be fought by traditional means.

Back then, a phone call cost ten cents and no one had ever heard of a cell phone. People may have felt that the communist threat was real, but it was over there someplace, not right here on our doorstep, threatening us with imminent violence.

New York City has changed too – traffic is much worse of course, and there are new buildings and trendy restaurants, though the pace and culture remains charged. But 9/11, that fateful September day in 2001, has left the city edgy, wary of any unusual sound. Some residents now prefer to stay at home, away from crowds, with a generalized anxiety that would have been unimaginable then. Today travel is onerous. Security measures at airports necessitate long lines. And there are many countries, once considered exotic, that are now dangerous and hostile to the west..."